Nopneu began as a project for undergraduate studies at the University of Cincinnati piloted by Temiloluwa Adeniyi. The CEO and Founder of Nopneu were challenged by her professor to find a real-world problem and use skills attained in class to provide a solution.

“Nopneu is a low cost- diagnostic tool that is able to diagnose pneumonia in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional methods. Since Extreme Build-A-Business Weekend, the business model of Nopneu has expanded. It now includes data-driven tech solutions for other biotech companies, and also other startups. such as disease models.”

August 2018 — Nopneu is developing a single use, test to rapidly diagnose pneumonia. It detects the presence of the primary agents of pneumonia in saliva, in 1% of the time of the gold standard, for minimal discomfort that will also allow earlier medical intervention, before pneumonia is symptomatic.

The system works through the combination of a saliva collection system and a colour changing modality. The system leverages machine learning models for pneumonia. When pneumonia is present, a colour change takes place to indicate the presence of the disease. The core value proposition of Nopneu is a quick diagnosis, with a user-centred design, a non-invasive collection system that is location independent and does not require the user to have a specialized medical or scientific background experience.

“A mom in Abuja, Nigeria and a clinician in Atlanta, Georgia will be able to use the device with equal ease and can be empowered to say no to pneumonia”, explains Adeniyi. Internationally, pneumonia kills more individuals under 5 than AIDS, malaria and measles combined each year (UNICEF). This is equivalent to one child dying every 35 seconds (Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation).

Adeniyi shares that the greatest takeaway from the mentoring sessions during the NYC eBay StartUp Cup Challenge 2018 is uncovering “what revenue can you make now with the assets and skills of your team”. Nonpeu has been able to find additional revenue opportunities by consulting other companies with data-driven strategy.

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