Businesswoman branches out and puts a spotlight on the traditions, and experiences, of Spanish speaking Caribbean’s

“Since Extreme Build-A-Build Weekend we began the hiring process for three volunteer interns. We hope to onboard our interns in June 2018.”

August 2018 — Ramona Ferreyra’s background in operations and business management allowed her to focus on community relationships and introduced her to entrepreneurial undertakings in rigid environments such as the Department of Defense, FBI, and non-profits. However, after her diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis, she had to completely switch gears once the disease had progressed and hindered her normal activity.

Ramona launched her business, Ojala Threads in the summer of 2017. Incidentally, this is when her youngest nephew was born. As she helped his parents to care for their son she realized how much she disliked his clothes. She spent countless hours researching how to start a business while babysitting. Through her research, she connected with Score NYC and matched with a mentor and used his guidance for market research and industry research and manufacturing.

Ramona was quickly able to identify that there was an underserved market for Hispanic/Caribbean communities and took a fast track course for business plan development, as well as finding pro-bono legal support. The Bronx based entrepreneur was very frugal as she suffers from a chronic illness and therefore has very limited income month to month – thereby embracing bootstrapping from the start.

“Ojala Threads embraces the values of community, individualism, resilience and authenticity. Through these, we develop items that trigger nostalgia and validate the importance of heritage. Ojala Threads curates’ legacies by providing wardrobe pieces that trigger emotional connections and overcome generational divisions”, explains Ramona.

According to Ramona, Ojala Threads creates culturally authentic infant bodysuits that honor Hispanic heritage. Their designs shine a spotlight on the traditions, and experiences, of Spanish speaking Caribbeans. Their heritage inspired bodysuits are made in sizes newborn to 24 months, inspired by Caribbean heritage, experiences, and colloquialism.

Ramona learned of an opportunity to participate in the NYC eBay StartUp Cup Challenge in April 2018. She has “mastered” finding free and supportive resources in her process. She has an advisory board that she has established and consulted. Since the Extreme Build-A-Business Ramona has hired 4 interns that work on a volunteer basis that specialize in website development, public relations, event planning and social media.